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If you are looking for a trusted moving service in or near Toronto then you’ve come to the right place. PrimeCity Scarborough Movers is the best in the area with a clean track of over 15 years in service. We have satisfied clients all over the region who had a stress free relocation. We are licensed, insured and bonded guaranteeing you the most professional service that you can depend on.

PrimeCity Scarborough Movers cover all types of relocation needs. From local moving to international relocation we have the resources and skills set to match your specific needs.

As part of our comprehensive moving service, we offer packaging as well as storing warehouses to its clients. Our staff members are skilled in packing the most fragile items using high quality packaging materials. Our warehouses and storage units vary in sizes and can accommodate any type of goods. Our storage areas are safe and a 24 hour security is provided. A CCTV camera is installed in crucial areas for additional security.

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Scarborough Movers

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We’ll make sure your items will arrive safely and efficiently to its destination. Our experienced team of experts always plan ahead before a move, that’s why it is best to contact our company weeks before the move itself for us to prepare. You may think packing, transporting and unpacking items is just common sense and hiring a professional is just a waste of money, but think again. Relocating to a new place can be time consuming and because of other concerns on your mind you may misplace or even forget more important things during the move. A professional moving service such as Scarborough Movers is a helping hand for the daunting task. You can actually save more money in the long run for having a stress free move without any broken or missing valuables. Businesses are rest assured that Primecity Scarborough Movers is fast and efficient so you can still conduct business just before, during and right after the move.


Moving Services

Moving Services

We are an affordable and insured moving company that has been serving Toronto and its surrounding cities for many years. We guarantee you no hidden fees. We provide you with a free cost estimate of each project before doing any actual moving service.

Moving may seem like common sense to some; but many may not realize that there are numerous detailed procedures and preparations needed before doing any actual move. Scarborough Movers is your support and backup for a safe and smooth move. We have well trained staff members to assess the items to be moved. They are pre-move surveyors who will take a detailed inventory of all items to be moved and record special requirements. We will also take digital pictures of items that are fragile, large or otherwise need special handling. Scarborough Movers employees are detail oriented and will take the weight and height of each item and record them in a printable format. Documenting items will make specifications of packaging faster and more precise.


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