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moving company Scarborough

PrimeCity Scarborough Movers are experienced industrial movers who has been serving the Toronto area and nearby cities for over 15 years. Whatever type of industrial moving is needed from high tech to high security industries we are highly skilled and well equipped to take care of your needs.

We guarantee professional industrial moving service of the highest standard. All our staff members at PrimeCity Scarborough Movers arrive in uniform with well maintained equipment and tools. Background checked and screened employees are only hired in Scarborough movers, so be assured that your valued goods and your safety is in good hands. We have specialized staff to ensure that your items will be transported as quickly as possible and in the safest way possible.

At Primecity Scarborough Moving Company planning ahead is a must, no matter what type of industrial relocation is at hand. We evaluate racking and shelving needs before, during and after relocating, schedule to limit down time, ensure the availability of power equipment in case the need arises (such as forklifts), and you can choose from a variety of packages that will fit your requirements.

We extend our quality service by providing short or long term storage facilities and warehouses for your business. Scarborough Moving Company comprehensive service also provides on-site storage and containers which can be delivered any time of the week and is transported safely and quickly as possible.


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